People scare to putting or storing their material to warehouse or storage facility. their concern is right
storing your belong to other is risky. Many people have emotional attachment with the household goods, and why not
as the spend year with that belongs and gift,
We have number of client who have store their material more then 12 months or even 18 month or above.
Requirement of storage can rise when professionals working with software companies get relocated to another city
for any work or assignment.some people re-build their homes into builder flats, this can take long time even 12-20 month,
People don’t wanted to leave their furniture and household goods in an unoccupied flat. They wanted to kept the furniture and households goods at
safe and at cheap cost.

The reason for need of storage can be different from one household need to another household need.
Whenever need is rises Hubstore their for them. Hubstore provide service at mile of second on demand by client for household storage.
Hubstore have multiple renowned vendors for packing and moving transport and storing.


When Relocation
We are leaving more new era where our ancestor use to leave in big house we are leaving in flat and day by day household stuff requirement increasing their safety and storage is also increasing.
Many person working abroad or moving to other cities its easy for them to to put their material with Hubstore as it provided flexible storage and safety.
Hubstore save time and efforts of client it help them to sell and buy household goods. Hubstore store client household goods at his storage facility while he is going abroad or other cities
Once client came back we give the material back to the client as it is. Its our responsibility to give back material they way it was.

When Rebuilding
People while re-building their home and flat. they search for new rented household flat.Its a Commonly in rented house found less space
for the storage of household goods.To full fill remaining space they search for less cost effective space. Hunstoare provide the effective and
efficient Household storage.

When Renovating
Professional, such as CAs,CSs, lawyers architects etc. work from their offices having limited space availability
They search for different alternative for storage of relevant material such as file documents, books, furniture etc.
Hubstore have full potential to fulfill such demand at the earliest.We store offices document furniture and ore as per the demand.
We have existing some renowned client who are fully satisfied with our services.

SOHO Storage
This day optimize uses of resource is more important then any thing. Space itself is a big resource and its important to use such resources at its best.
Income rise peoples demand also rises with rise and demand supply also rises people kept their old item aside and use new item instead of old one.
They search for new storage space for such item to store .SOHO Storage, Majorly professional such as CA, CS, Lawyer, Doctor etc. have irreverent document data
Storage to optimize such resource Hubstore store the all the SOHO stuff.

Temporary Accommodation
When people get promotion from company or when families move new cities they generally leave in service apartment.They are at so much hurry position, They wanted to keep their
belonging at safe storage facility they find, They find Hubstore is such facility where they can easy put their material and relax without any headache.

Waiting for a buyer
To fulfill our some need such as playing guitar playing piano keyboards fluid etc. We by the equipment like guitar keyboard, piano, to play this.
But by changing the time we gets change our demand take over want. By passing time We gets busy with our other demand and we keep those thing
lying around at some corner. We decide to sell that thing but we does not get any buyer. Hubstore can store such material till material not sold.

First-time parenthood
While new baby born we general store lots of gift toys and other stuff for baby to play with it. This gift take too much space and they also so much important for us
to keep as they attached with our imotion and sentiment. To keep such material at other facility is tough,but Hubstore is a right place witch understand client’s
imosion and sentiment. This way its best choice for Household stoarge along with bay toys and gift storage.

College Holidays
Summer vacation is so much important for any college student who wanted to enjoy his day with friend at differnt location
who wanted to picnic, outdoor, But worry about his hostel payment for only for some small staff keeping.
Hubstore provide solution for household storage along with student stuff storage rquirement.

Unpredictable Events
Some time unpredictable vent can happen such fire natural disaster etc. and our material get fired up or flood out
In mean while we need some time to deal with such situation. Hubstore is always their with our client we store the stuff
as per the requiremt.

With our 12year of experience in storage and packing and moving we have draw some following Guide for claculating space and its area.

One-BHK Household Storage
Volume of Goods: 300 – 400 cubic feet
Suggested Storage Area: 50 sq ft
A typical one-bedroom house will have about 15 large-sized items, such as dining table, beds and sofas; and stuff that will fit about 10 boxes.
We suggest that you book around 50 square feet of space in a facility for an apartment this size.

Two-BHK Household Storage
Volume of Goods: 400 – 600 cubic feet
Suggested Storage Area: 100 sq ft
It’s easy to find about 30 large-sized items, such as dining table, beds and sofas; and stuff for about 20 boxes in a flat this size.
We suggest that you book around 100 square feet of space in a facility to store the stuff of your flat.

Three-BHK Household Storage
Volume of Goods: 750 – 1,000 cubic feet
Suggested Storage Area: 150 sq ft
A typical three-bedroom house will have about 45 large-sized items, such as dining table, beds and sofas; and stuff that will fit about 30 boxes. We suggest that you book around 150 square feet of space in a facility for an apartment this size.

We are suggeset our client to packed the household material such as furniture and appliances sofa corockery before moving any item. Its important for preventing the material from any damages in transit and handling.
Nothing can break even the material is lying stationary.The most prominant risk can be measured in houshold storage is during transit and handling.Hence its become important to safeguard the household storage material
by way of propar packaging.Proper and quilaty material is as important as storage, along the manner packing is done is also important, Exampale, packing of wooden item such as furnture should packed in corrugated sheet and shrink wrap,
fragile item should be packed in bubble sheet, corrugated paper and shrink wrap. this item should packed in a such way that no housholed storage goods or box should move during transit.

If you do not wanted to do the packing from your end don’t worry we are their for you. We will take care all the burden from our client and will excute your work on your behalf.
Adding little cost for belonging items is worth it. insuring safety of product is more important then anything.Once we put the material at household storage facility, the goods remain at same place and will not move around.
This is best practice to insure no damges of item and other household storage facility run smoothly.
More over on frequent basis we do the pest control services and ensure that no rodents can eat up that expensive and laxurial item, or make holes in your furnture and sofa.

We strongly recommend to click the picture once the matrial is packed and ready for transit. This will help you to recongnise the matrial and gift you want to send to your belonging once.
It also help your friend to witch item need to carry when you are not present at facility and your behalf some other persion can easly take out the matrial without hassle.
You can send your item to other, without any hassle.

We have multiple facility at verious location of india, we have covering almost every state of india.
We offer our client earlier space booking witch help them to reserve the spacified book the movement you make advance payment against the space your order automaticaly apply for and area gets booked
You can dive into our price list and area we serve and also macke call to us to talk to Hubstore expert advisory.
You can also talk to our expert for packing and moving free. You can do the packing from you end or by connecting to our expert will guide the packing manner and its way to tranport.
Our team at household storage facility does not take any impty box. since their is no any inventory inside it we does not refer the any such box for now inventory.
Once we recieved the material at our household storage facility we safly keep the material and insure the easy tracking and re-delvery of item.

Getting storage back is as esay as storing the goods at houshold storage facility.Its simple and easy to get back the material from storage facility.
You jus need to inform us the date of tacking back material. and we will deliver the goods at your door step.